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What are you going to roleplay?


Ulrich Nüssen is manhunter and sellsword brothered with the Black Falcons mercenary brigand after a life-or-death situation. Following his ancestors' footsteps, Ulrich is a huntsman specialized in falconry, his tamed bird of prey is an austinger callled Otto. Ulrich is also renowned as a drunkard throughout the kingdom.

[Insert: Ulrich Nüssen (right) sided by his brother-in-arms Vulfgang Balk (left)]
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A powerfull character with origins in the Kievan Rus. A strong warrior that made himself a name in the Varangian guard. Then became old and became a merchant with a powerful army, so here i go.


a simple peasant who wants to become a powerfull knight, but his road will take years and lots of sacrifices, probably changing himself very much and also wanting a different type of career or destiny after he gets to the point where he can call himself respectable
of course, the whole journey may reffer also to having exhausting jobs and searching for culture and a family to create