The Novice Introduction


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The Novice Introduction

This thread serves the purpose of inducing you into our environment roleplay-wise as well as primarily introducing you to the server's core features and it's frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of SA-MP is this on?
When are we launching?
What is the server IP?
Can I help test?
How do I get verified on discord?
How do I join the staff-team?
What about skins and weapons?
What about the combat system?
What about horses and carriages?
Where does roleplay take place?
Can I join the staff team?
Are there any plans to add another language to the server except English?



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What version of SA-MP is this on?
We're running on the newest SA-MP version of 0.3.DL which allows us to enhance and expand on our creativity and capabilities as a whole. There has been tremendous work to create a lively and immersive experience for everyone to enjoy.

Q: When are we launching?

We will launch the server once it's ready and thoroughly tested.

The reason for this is simple: we want to make sure we can release a full-fledged server with a lot of booming features rather than a barebones script. It is also important that we have plenty of testing sessions to be able to squash most bugs before launch. While there will definitely be bugs, we will be trying our hardest to get rid of them and deliver a playable experience.

The server will have 125 slots on launch and we will be hosting a 5-day jousting/arena event in Angel Pine (Pinewood) where you can win a plot of land (your own County) which will allow you to give out building permits to players or build on it yourself.

Q: What's the server IP?

Can I help test?

Yes! We will hold testing sessions once or twice every month where we allow everyone to go in-game and help us stress test the script. The staff team holds bug testing sessions almost every other day however these testing sessions will also be a way for players to discover bugs and report them to get them fixed. If you wanna join a testing session, check #server-announcements. We announce them in advance and will announce many more times until it actually happens to make sure everyone is up to date.

Q: What about skins and weapons?

We've made over 100 custom skins, including peasants, nobles, knights and other. As well as custom weapons such as swords, maces, bow and arrows, and even sieges. We feature news related to the project mainly on our #concept-art channel on discord. It's our archive for all our goodies.

Q: What about the combat system?

We have a custom combat system which utilizes SA animations and using our custom weapons, we've made them sync so that you can engage appropriately during fights. There's a learning curve to the combat system, it's intriguing and there are even some combination moves that unlock a different combat move and other.

We're also making a melee system in correlation with the combat system - it'll work somewhat similarly but consist of more combination moves and diversity in the gist martial fighting.

Siege Combat is still being revised and it's on a to-do. We've made animations and models for it though, currently, it includes the Trebuchet, Battering Ram and a Siege Tower. Although bear in mind, more models are to be made in the future.

Q: What about horses and carriages?

We have a unique system relating to horses and carriages. They act as our primary transportation method and are an extraordinary element to our gameplay. Horses also have animations to make the environment more believable. Whilst carriages also come in different shapes, forms, and variants and will be able to host more players or goods on board of travel.

Q: Where does roleplay take place?

The Kingdom of Flintwhenia consists of the mainland of Flint County and Whetstone. This is the playable area that we are located on and we have a variety of custom villages, towns, wrecks, caves and tunnels all over the map and more to be added along the way. Whereas the surrounding areas such as neighboring cities LS/SF/LV are entirely removed from the map and replaced with a sea mass and will be covered with explorable islands.

Information about our map: We are using Whetstone and Flint County for our server map.

We're removing the modern skyline of San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Los Santos and covering it up appropriately. Every singleplayer object (buildings, wires, ...) is removed from the map except for vegetation and land masses. Every singleplayer road is covered with a muddy texture. Train tracks have a cobblestone texture.

Q: How do I get verified on discord?

Be active, be nice, be humble and show contribution.

Q: Can I join the staff team?
You can partake in the staff team and perhaps be a full-fledged member by actively contributing and showing intrigue on the discord and forums or by applying whenever applications are open which can be seen here.

Q: Are there any plans to add another language to the server except English?

As upon creating the project and establishing it, our main focus was the English community, as we ourselves have a history of playing on predominant English-based communities. There are no plans to introduce a second language to the server as it would further cause a language barrier in our community.