Terms of Service [Read before donating]



Terms of Service

  • The donation packages last for one month, in order to keep your package you must donate each month.
  • Donation processing time is not instant and can take up to 24 hours.
  • All donations are non refundable and are non transferable between player accounts.
  • The donation applies to one personal account.
  • The accepted payment method is Paypal only.
  • Donations will be processed in USD ($) and all perks will be rewarded once the donation has been approved.
When donating, copy the line below along with the full name of the account you are buying the donation for.
This money is for the trading of virtual products which I have officially gotten and have no goal of returning. I am aware that this money won't be discounted.

Any attempt to reverse a donation then a claim will be filed and your Master Account will be permanently banned.