Ser. Siegfried Barstein



Siegfried originated in a great noble house at the western side of Europe, and rather growing up nicely in a safe atmosphere, he came to the world in a royal chamber. Siegfried is a capable leader, and he looks after his own people before himself, and for him the people are the pillars of a society.
He has descent to a royal family that lived in Germany - Siegfried believes in honor and valor, he would fight for justice if needed, and he shall serve his people fully.
He has become the knight he always strived to be, and his name courses through the battlefields he has fought within, as he has defeated the unjust and stood for the helpless. Siegfried made several achievements as he led armies of House Barstein back in Germany. He believes in higher goals, and hopes to bring a new world of peace and virtue.

Full name: Ser. Seigfried Barstein.
Dynasty: Barstein Dynasty.
Gender: Male.
Age: 37.
Height: 6'2.
Weight: 84kgs.
Nationality: German.


  • Eduard Barstein (Father: Deceased).
  • Lothar Barstein (Younger brother: Alive).
  • Mirjam Barstein (Younger sister: Alive).

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Shady post_id=1219 time=1531174759 user_id=201 said:
Looks nice and neat, looking forward to roleplay with you.
Thanks, Shady! Looking forward to roleplay with you too.
Ibrahimqaud post_id=1221 time=1531180588 user_id=211 said:
So nice. Gl royal son, keep improving. :)
Cheers, my boy. Will do!
Scrappy post_id=1226 time=1531221401 user_id=172 said:
Interesting character, Pyro!

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be fun role playing with you.
I'm glad you like it, thanks!
Labrat post_id=1231 time=1531235395 user_id=212 said:
Good one! Keep it up, could improve the format a bit though.
Thanks, bud. I like keeping it nice and simple, but don't worry, story will be added soon.
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I see someone likes Game of Thrones... Nice thread, but.. How do you have so many relations when the server isn't even opened yet? Good luck with the character.
theSerpent post_id=1541 time=1532691450 user_id=199 said:
good going pyro, i like it

edit; it is a little messy imo, but it'll do i guess.

- godhatesweeboos. :eek:rthodox_he:
Thanks, bro.
Jakey post_id=1544 time=1532697876 user_id=281 said:
I see someone likes Game of Thrones... Nice thread, but.. How do you have so many relations when the server isn't even opened yet? Good luck with the character.
Hah, I really never watched it, but I seem to know so much about GoT honestly(mostly sex scenes). Well, thanks for the feedback and I'm really glad you asked - I'm currently running a faction, most of the people seen in the relationship section are really good members (after all, the dedication and support they show OOC'ly are the same they would show when playing together IG), so I thought of giving something back to them in return, and I do believe that it spreads a nice touch to the faction whatsoever, between them and me. Not to mention that it allows everybody to go deeper inside their characters in order to develop them properly. Most of these guys do have backgrounds for their characters, I appreciate anything from them, even a three sentences paragraph does the job and that is it for me. I believe that the act allows the members to create a better atmosphere for their selves and people surrounding them - that is the main goal of a good faction.

But yeah, the rest of the guys I mentioned are just close friends that I plan to RP with when the server opens. Good luck with your character as well, mate.
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Thread is updated with a new different character, minor changes made - but kept it simple and smooth, it's not finished however, will do so once the lore reaches an end.