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[SCRIPT] Satchel & Inventory Cosmetics


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"Satchel & Inventory Cosmetics"
by Reyo

Summary: Player Cosmetics & Value of money.
  • Satchel: The ability to craft/design or purchase a satchel for your character which you can attach to your player. Different variations and designs of the satchel, similarly to how rdr2 has made theirs.
  • Inventory Design: As a donator perk or a secret discovery ig - you should be able to change between the normal styled design or one which you've purchased/found.
Explanation: Spoke with Dignity about this idea briefly, he stated it should be suggested on the forums so that he doesn't forget. But to those interested in the suggestion, this basically revolves around player cosmetics and value for money.

Pictures / Videos:


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I really like this idea, it is pretty good. But I am not sure if people will get a lot of use from it.


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Trial Moderator
I can provide you some casual satchel that were used in these times. And backpacks,

Backpack -
(the video will describe it for me)

Now satchels, or "tarsoly"'s, there were kinda a nice fashion thing that came from Asia with the steppe nations. They were widely distributed through every European countries, Frankia the area of the Hungarians, Bohemia and even Northern areas like Birka and other stuff. Lemme post examples -

Rosta, Sweden

Birka, Sweden

Those were two representatives of viking pouches, then we have Hungarian ones, the metal thingy on the pouch is made of silver or brass.

Hungarian Tarsoly, from Karos

Kievan Rus Tarsoly from Shestovitsa

Frankish Tarsoly find from Ducové - Slovakia (analogies with finds through the whole Frankia) (Brocade was used only for wealthy people)

Then we have satchels, right now iam aware of two inspirations from two psalters, one is the Stuttgart Psalter

Pictural source


And finally, my favourite piece. A byzantine silk made, gold embroidered satchel,

Most luxorious byzantine satchel made of finest materials fit for kings and very very very wealthy people. And im too lazy to go through the Menologion of Basileos II to find the pictural source, so next time if its really needed. What am I aiming for with this post? To raise the authenticity of things in game. And why to develop new things when we already have things that were really used?