Preacher of Love
Retired Staff
The Crown
Real name: Lamar
Your age: 19.

Location: United States of America.
Member since: September 2017, technically, June officially.

What made you come to the server? Role playing in the medieval times is very interesting and I would love to participate especially considering how professional the staff team including the mappers and developers. I got word from my friends that it as close to be opened so I came back last month and checked up on it, here I am now. I have always wanted to role play on this server, regardless, even since WW-RP was still open.

Hobbies: Online Gaming, basketball.
Occupation: Wouldn't know if I told you.

Additional information: I'm a very friendly and respectful individual, I like to make new friends. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to ask even though I'm not a staff member.