Ideas for player-driven factions


Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Mercenary groups
Caravan groups
Bandit factions
Cannibalistic cults
Religion extremists
Top secret elitist groups

please utilise these ideas to keep the world player-driven and dynamic


Worth mentioning the Templar... They're not all sword-wielding warriors, 90% were non-combatant. Their duty was to escort pilgrims and the church would exchange gold for "letters of marque" to avoid being robbed, whilst carrying their precious gold, pilgrims would take a letter of marque to another church and exchange it for the same value of gold. It would be nice to see a Templar faction, but one thing that is imperative is for the right-minded people to drive it... Templar were not an army that fought for Kings or for personal gain. They fought for God, and as I've already mentioned The sword wielding Templar we know of today only made up 10% of the orders infrastructure.

I'd also like to see villages and towns banding together with a common goal of defending their land from thieves and robbers. Naturally I'd like to see thieves and robbers too, but my concern is that every faction on the server is going to have the same goal... "Rob everybody, get rich and become King" which is not a bad goal... But generally, "Barry" and his pitch fork wouldn't be able to see the day a crown lands on his head before he died of some crude illness received from something as small as a needle prick or a splinter. People rarely recovered from battle wounds in the 11th century... The hero in the movies that snaps a arrow off in his leg and continues to battle on and defeat a squadron all alone, simply would not happen. Sorry.

I'd like to see more "family" factions formed, whether that be a small family that have lived on a mediocre mill for generations or noble family that weds their sons and daughters into other noble families and their goal is to make their family name a powerful one... I'd like to see less religious extremist and cannibalistic cults, savages and secret elite orders and more, not necessarily passive but as I would call, normal. The reality is, a ruler isn't going to allow any form of cult to overrun his realm without taking action. Another, tyrannical ruler might turn a blind eye to a band of thieves but then you have to remember the domino effect... Robber robs villager, villager tells the village, village confront the Baron or whatever (if there is one), the Baron requests an audience with the Hand of the King (or whatever), The Kings adviser tells said King about the band of robbers... King informs Commander, Commander assembles army, Army establishes a presence in the village and surrounding area, Army hunts down, imprisons or kills the robbers... Problem solved. No more robbers.

That being said, I'd like to see a proper prison system, in the form of "A castle dungeon" of course. I always enjoy prison role-play and some form of dungeon faction or whatever, would be neat.

The long and short of what I'm saying is, I'd really like to see some passive role-play and not have every faction being some kind of extremist, elitist order that murders, robs, rapes and enslaves.