House Barstein



First Era (892) - House Barstein was formed by immigrants in a faraway land, the noble house of Barstein consisted of a hard-working strong blacksmith, he started out small like anybody else, but rather understood what was going on around him, so he formed a business connection of trade, meanwhile his brother who used to repair fishing vessels on the coasts, became a famous merchant, and he ended up helping his elder brother. Together they established House Barstein, the family is known for having no equal in their hardworking and loyalty.

Second Era (936) - A couple of years after the House was built successfully, Ansgar was blessed with a son that he named Eduard. Ansgar managed to raise his child in a very good and satisfying atmosphere, he was born in a royal chamber like any other noble man. He went on with his father's legacy, however, a little bit too far. After gathering an interesting amount of men, who were actually veterans and loyal soldiers to the House, for they have served with Ansgar during his glory days with his brother, Eduard decided to go on a conquest in which he gathered all the elite warriors, in order to unite the rest of the Kingdom. He went on a conquest on specific locations in Germany, he conquered towns, villages, and even castles. He wanted to unite the Kingdom with the old leading King's son and and announce it as one single solid kingdom, but he never went any further, Eduard indeed had glory times, but he also faced bad times, and trouble was always on his tail. He was very powerful, but he wasn't feared, he took care of his friends as if they were family and more, he was quite the guy you'd want to become friends with, and not the other way around.

Third Era - Under works... (will be continued when the lore is finished).