Hello, I'm new here


First I want to say that this whole thing looks cool and innovative. I believe you guys are the same crew that ran Wild West RP. That was pretty cool and unique as well and I wish you all the best with this project.
I have a lot of questions about this server but I don't want to bother you with them so I'll just ask what intrigues me the most.
Skins and weapons, how will they work? San Andreas skins aren't really fit for the setting(cpt. Obvious) and weapons are a few that fit and I can't seem to find a lot of medieval themed modifications either. What are your plans with that?
How will the battle system work? For example sieges and such, those were big scale battles with thousands of men fighting but with SAMP limitations that isn't really possible. Maybe you are working on a respawn system when in battle modes or have sonething similar in mind?
I know this seems like a lot of questioning but I really tried to narrow it down.
Once again, good luck with this.


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This is Medieval Roleplay. We break limitations here, welcome to the extraordinary.

We're running on the newest SA-MP version of 0.3.DL which allows us to enhance and expand on our creativity and capabilities as a whole. There has been tremendous work to create a lively and immersive experience for everyone to enjoy.

Q: What about skins and weapons?

We've made over 100 custom skins, including peasants, nobles, knights and other. As well as custom weapons such as swords, maces, bow and arrows, and even sieges.

We feature news related to the project mainly on our #concept-art channel on discord. It's our archive for all our goodies.

Q: What about the combat system?

We have a custom combat system which utilizes SA animations and using our custom weapons, we've made them sync so that you can engage appropriately during fights. There's a learning curve to the combat system, it's intriguing and there are even some combination moves that unlock a different combat move and other.

We're also making a melee system in correlation with the combat system - it'll work somewhat similarly but consist of more combination moves and diversity in the gist martial fighting.

Siege Combat is still being revised and it's on a to-do. We've made animations and models for it though, currently, it includes the Trebuchet, Battering Ram and a Siege Tower. Although bear in mind, more models are to be made in the future.

Enjoy your stay, any other concerns you can ask on here or the discord.