Godric Aethelwulf of Warstade



Godric Aethelwulf
Duke of Warstade

Character Information

Foreame: Godric
  • Means "power of god", derived from Old English god combined with ric "power, rule". This name died out a few centuries after the Norman conquest.
Surname: Aethelwulf
  • Old English for "Noble Wolf".
Cognomen: the Red
  • This nickname was given to him by the elderly who saw the red comet when he was born.

Age: 40, born in the year 961 AC
Nationality: Anglo-Saxon
  • The Germanic-speaking descendants of three tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who came from Denmark, northwestern Germany, and Holland, who settled in what are now England and southern Scotland in the fifth century.
Origin: Houndsfort, Duchy of Warstade, Kingdom of Flintwhenia


First-born of Duke Osward of Warstade and his wife, Godric was raised by the path of wisdom, on the day of his birth a bright red comet was seen hovering over the earth - the peasnts marked it as the destruction of the known world, God's upcoming punishment upon those who have turned their backs at him. Priests were talking about the coming of the "Antichrist" - the ultimate enemy of Christ, yet the child was accepted into the noble family and the birth of the new heir was announced, "Birth of the Red Wolf", they named it, and as for the child - he was even named after The Creator.

Men of religion whispered in the Duke's ear to kill the child and cleanse the land before he grows old enough to make his own decision, when the Duke refused to murder his son and put an ultimatum to the Church - the priests asked the honourable Duke to send the child to the path of religion, ultimately sending him to live in celibacy - an offer which was met again in refusal.

Although he was seen as 'cursed' by the religious heads around him, Godric was surrounded by them - being taught the ideals and values of the Church, while also learning about government, rule of law and warfare. As time passed and the young child grew up to be harmless towards the ideas of the Catholic Church, fear and dislike of him were slowly forgotten.

Having been surrounded with men of religion, texts of governing and books filled with laws for society, Godric found little joy in common daily entertainment forms - keeping his sword tainted by blood, rather than by the warmth of wenches. Being one of the few with the ability to read, he had spent a lot of time educating himself with the books his family owned, while also dedicating time in court, with his father and members of the Council.

Godric's father, the Duke of Warstade, having feared that his son might turn too soft or pious, began taking his son with him to his hunts, Godric first feared putting harm into the poor animals, as they are God's creation, God's gift upon the lands that were once pure of sin. Despite the fear of God's wrath, the heir was good with the sword. In some time, it was not only animals they were hunting - but the King's enemies too.

With each battle won under the name of his father and the King, Godric became more experienced with the art of warfare. By the age of seven-teen, he won a battle by his own - against a group of degenerates and heathens - a battle orchestrated by God, for God.

Si Deus nobiscum qui contra nos
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