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Common Courtesy
This is by far the most important rule to keep things under control when it comes to many conflicts. Keep in mind that you should always have respect for every member to feel very comfortable and user friendly on these boards when it comes down to currently using it for a reason; though, we expect you to think before you write something. Act with maturity, Having common sense and being on your best behavior is all we're asking. If you do not have anything constructive to say, keep it to yourself. Disorderly conduct or Immature Behavior which breaks this rule will result in punishment depending on the outcome of the problem since you are responsible for what you write whether it maybe posting on a topic or creating a thread.

[MODERATED] Avoid Punishment:
  1. Disrespectful/Harassing Forum Members and Members of Staff.
  2. Posting Inappropriate content such as Explicit Images that involves your Avatar, Signature, Posting or Topic. Examples: Gore, Pornography, Animal Cruelty and so on.
  3. English is only to be spoken in every section unless creating a Foreign language topic that you know well. Read: Foreign Languages Forum Information before posting any.
  4. Posting useless things that aren't very important won't be tolerated such as: Derailing, Spamming, Discrimination, Racism and Server Advertisement of any SA-MP Community. This also falls under private messaging as well.
  5. Distribution of files should be done privately or if they aren't harmful. Sending anything that may harm anyone such as a malware will result in a permanent ban.
  6. Think before you post something or else you're going to be held accountable for it without a warning.
  7. Give credit when credit is due. This goes for any Skin Modifications, GFX and Stories etcetera...
  8. Using the tagging feature such as "@" constantly without a reason is considered to be rude and annoying.
  9. Impersonation of Community Staff Members is taken to be a very serious offense.
  10. Hacking will not be tolerated and will lead to being permanently banned from using our forums.
Reporting the right way:
Everyone has the right to report rule breaking that occurs on our forums. You may submit a report in Offline Complaints and state valid reasons behind any fault, Contacting a moderator via pms for small issues or using the Report Tool at the bottom of every post since it is also best to not backseat moderate anything, please avoid responding to anyone publicly if they are breaking the rules report situations the right way. If this matter hasn't been taken care of you can always try to post in Offline Complaints.

Community Forums
The Community Forums has both relations with the Common Courtesy rule as continuation below:
  1. Before attempting to post something of interest, search before submitting it. You can use the search box area to browse for any previously made discussions relating to a subject that you may want to speak about
  2. Do not create threads that doesn't appear to have any meaning or doesn't relate to the topic which can be useless.
  3. You may not tag an Administrator more than once for the following reasons by way of bumping: Ban Appeals, Complaints and Refund Requests. This also applies to bumping discussions without a possible cause or meaning for no reason.
  4. It is a must to keep updated with all Rules and Regulations to avoid punishments.
  5. Keep everything on the boards relating to General Audience.
  6. All discussions are to be posted in each subforums correctly on all topics. Anything that doesn't fall under this rule will be removed.
  7. Keep both Avatars and Signatures well sized and appropriate under General Audience, This rule is located in Common Courtesy, Rule 2.
  8. Keep discussions at a minimum and not to go overboard to exaggerate, use the forums as it should be used.
  9. You are not allowed to share, sell or buy anything for OOC purposes, bannable offense.
  10. Do not post on any topics that doesn't involve you without authorization. Examples: Ban Appeals and Complaints.
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