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Discord Server Rules and Informational Guides


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Trial Moderator
Basic Rules and Guides - Relations to the Discord Server Channel and more Information.
Let's start off by giving a warm welcome to all the new faces that arrived here at Medieval Roleplay, It is an honour to have you here with us and we hope you enjoy your stay here but before you can continue there are rules on our discord that are not to be abused, this is the first thing you aren't suppose to do. These list of text channels are mainly: server-questions and server-chat. These channels aren't for loitering and could face punishment if they are mistreated in anyway. Let's go through everything that I've listed below all together:

1. Server Chat is used for having discussions and about the server priority. It is there for strictly multiple reasons such as constructively speaking through-out the channel by way of contributing ideas that'll improve the server in it's upcoming future and only further server related discussions.

2. Server Questions are used for strictly asking or answering any specific questions that anyone may have only having relations to do with the server. This also applies to the Support & Guides forum section as well. If you have any useful questions that are worth answering feel free to create, ask and post a thread below here: Support & Guides or you can speak directly in the server-questions text channel on our discord.

3. Off-Topic is used by way of not being relevant to the subject under discussion. This means you may talk about a bunch of random certain things but must be kept under minimum. Read the rules below in "Additional information" for more.
  • How to become Verified?
The most used question is seen as "How to become Verified on the channel?". Being verified applies to the same rules that are above and below.
  • What is a Supporter and how do I become one?
A supporter is a person who supports and encourages others by way of offering helping assistance to them. They are the ones who are assigned to this role to guide many individuals with useful information and feedbacks.

Becoming a Supporter of the server takes time and dedication into putting all your hard effort into aiding others correctly. It is a MUST to have patience and paying close attention while you are doing this since it takes a majority of time. The Staff Team will then spectate your activity and capabilities in joining the team. If you are new here, please take the time and learn about more about the server before beginning this process. You may follow up more about information becoming a staff member here.

The list of requirements applies to both Verified and Supporter roles:
  1. Improve Activity.
  2. Fluent English language.
  3. Contributing feedbacks and aiding others.
  4. Using the text channels correctly at all times.
  5. Having Courtesy is most important.
  6. Able to cope with responsibilities.
  7. Pay Close Attention.
Additional Information Important Discord Commands:
  1. -Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. -Rules (Rules related to the channel, etcetera...)
  3. -Launch (Regarding information about the server's upcoming launch)
  4. -Horses (Process of the horse system via media videos)
  5. -Map (Listed with all the locations of thr server map)
  6. -Staff (Shows a few list and more informational guides about position roles, Staff members and their main point of conduct)
  1. Ask to have any type of roles in the channel. It is simply rude and isn't that important unless you are assigned to have one for a good reason.
  2. Speak anything that refers to politics to cause confusion, Keep that away from the channel.
  3. Server Advertise or promote anything that isn't related to Medieval Roleplay won't be tolerated here.
  4. Speak of a different foreign language, english must be spoken in all channels only. Use the Foreign Language sub forum section to create a language apart from english that you know. Read here first: Foreign Languages Forum Information -- READ ME!
  5. Discuss any disgusting, reflective, going overboard or exaggerate with chats that maybe appalling to others. Keep every related to only General Audience. Report this matter to an Administrator if it gets out of hand.
  6. Misuse any channels, this goes for voice chatting also. Use them properly within the servers discord for fair usage.
  7. Be disrespectful towards anyone including the Staff Team members.
  8. Impersonate the Staff Team or face serious consequences.
  9. Share any downloadable illegal content or ANY that means ANY, same as Grand Theft Auto SA main files; Sending files maybe done privately. Any harmful links that are sent to anyone is a removal from the discord and permanent ban. (If reported)
  10. Troll or trash talk about the server, avoid being muted or banned.