Community Update — September 2018 Edition

Hey everyone,

I hope that you are having a good time, and a lovely week. I wish to welcome you to the newest addition to our community: Community Updates! These updates are going to be posted monthly or weekly depending on the circumstances of the Staff Team. They will be here to inform you of all the newest additions, maps, script features or newest members of our teams. It is a way to keep you, the members of our community, informed of everything that is happening and to make sure you don't skip on any vital information. We believe that it is of vital importance for all members to be informed and knowledgeable of everything of importance happening within the community.

The Development and Mapping Team are, as usual, working to make as many great features as they can and make the server vivid and interesting to everyone. Constant maps are being worked on every day to enhance your experience once you log on. and let yourself be immersed in the environment they create. The various scripted systems are going to improve that experience even more. The Development Team has been working on several systems, that will hopefully enhance your gameplay. The systems in question are foliage system, job system, and attachment system.

We've been posting the majority of our updates on the discord #concept-art channel. The channel holds an archive for our progress within this project.


The overhauled version of The Royal Capital was finally finished recently following several weeks of hard work and effort put into the map. It has been the prime focus in the latest month and now it finally being finished, mappers can move on to other necessities and contribute great work through different maps and styles.
Additionally, there was a public vote for the name of the capital in which members of the community were invited to cast their opinion on a selection of names which would best fit the Royal Capital. The vote stayed open for several days until concluding with the highest voted option being Aureum. The story behind the name is that 'Aureum' translates to 'gold' in Latin. According to our official lore, there are rumors of vast gold mines below the city.

We've also worked on a custom throneroom subsequently whilst the making of the capital. We wanted to make sure that the throne room was highly pristine. Some parts of the interior were custom modeled and others manually added upon. The throne room is not completed fully, however, for the time being, the progress is sleek and appealable. With a hall for the King and his noblemen, a grand kitchen and a diplomacy meeting room with a balcony which boasts a glorious view of the outer fields of the capital.

The Mapping Team has also worked on additional mines all over Flintwhenia. Mainly revolving around the focus of patching SP-like tunnels which shamble the immersion. Instead, these SP-tunnels are turned into caves or mines - creating a more realistic approach instead of completely blocking them off from the game.

Currently, there's the Warstade caves and Mt.Chilliad caves which are pending completion.

The entirety of the San Andreas map was removed to boast better appealing scenery to our playable area. The neighboring cities made our playable area less immersive. Therefore, after the removal of every major city and landmark in the game, we've managed to held consistency with the area of Whetstone and Flint County.

We made sure that the surrounding areas wouldn't have gaps and we solved this issue by mapping large look-alike water objects through the entire plot of gaps. These parts will be approached as normal and will be swimmable through a custom swimming feature specifically for those spots. However, more information on this will come up in the following month when the system has been fully tested and works indefinitely well.


Third Combat Test: On 15th of September, we held our 3rd Combat Test. I will use this chance to thank everyone for joining in such a great number. It was of great help and I believe that our combat system is going to be vastly updated after it.

  • The development of the server has been steady, in fact, our team is highly thankful for your participation in the 3rd Combat Scale Test. The intention was to discover bugs, crashes, and problems so that we are able to identify and resolve them early on before launching the server. We hope that you had fun as well, it was definitely a wild experience but for the most part enjoyable and refreshing. The Developing Team will surely be working on new innovations to this system. You can always expect new additions to this vital system which is so important for the gameplay.

  • Unfortunately, this test marks the last combat test we will have and the next tests are going to focus on different aspects of our script. The next upcoming tests will have a different motive and focus and perhaps even some of the existing systems we've already tested, who knows? :dismiss-alert:
You will be well informed several days before any new tests, so you may participate and plan your schedule. We are usually hosting one to two tests monthly, so make sure you attend at least one! That's the only chance to experience the server before the official opening.

Click on the image to be redirected to the video!

Progress Update Video: This is a perfect chance to thank Ross and Reyo for an amazing video they made for our community. It is a video about some server features and amazing maps! If you did not already, I suggest you go check it out. I must say Ros has got a one-of-a-kind voice!

Click on the image to be redirected to the video!

Staff Applications: Staff applications were opened on the 27th of August and are still opened! If you think you possess what it takes to be a Moderator, you can read the information and instructions by clicking here. Basically, you need to send a letter of interest to Jujen and explain why you think you are the good choice for our Moderation team. I wish you the best of luck while filling out your application.

Contact: Concerns, questions, and worries can be directed to this thread or you could ask them on #server-questions.

New Supporters
Congratulations to the following members of our community for joining the Support Team:

Ser darkie

New Trial Moderators
These members of our community are going to go through a trial period, after which they might become Moderators:


Thanks to Jakey for helping with this thread.
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