Community Update — October 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Community UpdateOctober 2018 Edition
Over the month, our numbers have risen on discord with many joining to say how pleased they are that a project like such is in the works. To them and you, we welcome you. We are creating something extraordinary and we're happy to have you join us on the journey. If you specialize in any of the development sectors, please do check the information enlisted below.

Working on this large-scale project is quite a time-consuming process and with the number of participants currently contributing to the development, we are unsure of when the launch will be. Everyone thinks that this project improves automatically, in fact, it only does if a lot of people are willing to make it improve. With that in mind, follow up below for more.


Development Team, Contact — Dignity
Mapping Team, Contact — Reyo
Digital Promotion Team, Contact — Ross
Faction Team, Contact — Bone
Lore Team, Contact — theSerpent
Staff Inquiries, Contact — Jujen

:curious: NEW MODELS

We've expanded on modeling again, working on several models as of this month that adds livelihood and immersion to our environments for mapping. Many of these models are a credit to Reyo for his effort. Some are still in progress whilst others fully completed.

:master-schemer: MAPS
Click on the images to be redirected to the trello page for a better preview.

:secretly-zun-pagan: DEV FEATURES

Tutorial — Dignity
The tutorial system of the server intends to cover the fundamental features of the server. So that new players can be aware of the functions and abilities the server offers.

Tutorial sets you on a remote camp within yards away from Pinewood. You wake up and exit your tent and are supposed to perform several activities throughout the setup. It will teach you how to cook and eat your food, equip a weapon, use the combat system and ride a horse.

Snow Feature — Dignity
Snow is a fundamental part of our season's cycle. Snow will fall and cover most or the entirety of our mainland when the winter season has arrived. As an outcome, foliage will be replaced with that of its season. The actual snow is a series of arc snow which is randomized throughout the playable land and the given weather and time is set to give you the feel of winter when you pass by.

Ladder Feature — Aristovky
This feature intends to allow players to purchase and or make ladders.
Visible animations when climbing the ladder, using W and S.
To be able to climb ladders and reach unreachable spots by foot alone.
Ability to kick and get kicked off the ladder and for it to be destroyed.

Great effort by Aristovky, although the feature is undergoing further work to smoothen and perfect it.

Traps Feature — Aristovky
One of the suggested features within the Suggestion Board.

It will contain a selection of traps to choose and to plant, with the core intention to detain trapped players for X amount of time. Whilst the player is captured in one of these traps, they can attempt to break free by defusing the impact of the trap. Some traps can inflict pain whilst others are primarily for detaining. Also, an animation will be played for the specific trap to immerse the player and alert him of the dangers.

Melee Script — Aristovky
This system will disable client-side combat (normal GTA combat) making it so that you press different hotkeys that allow you to do different combat moves. Similarly to the combat system, but more focused on melee attacks alongside a plethora of animations. Each move performed contains different hit radius and damage set. New combat moves are unlocked when leveling up and there is the ability to knockout.


  • General Board — Discussions: Recently, we engaged in a conversation in regards to the Prison System. The conversation was riveting, many fair and interesting points from each side. The conclusion has yet to occur, the discussion is still open and can be viewed here.
  • Progress Update 2 — It's on its way! We will be showing off more features in an upcoming video that will guide you through some of the notable works in action and more. There's no defined date for this, but hopefully somewhere next month.

:ares-own: STAFF UPDATES

New Supporters
Congratulations to the following members of our community for joining the Support Team:


New Trial Moderators
These members of our community are going to go through a trial period, after which they might become Moderators:


P.S: Happy Halloween!
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