Community Update — November 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Community Update, November 2018 Edition.

We are pleased with the engagement and enthusiasm from newcomers throughout the discord. We greet and welcome you and hope that you can get involved in the project.

In this month, we've been solely focusing on our structure and establishment as a team, as a project and entity on this platform. Our work ethic has been steady with development shifting in progression and mapping with new immersive environments and interiors.

We also got to welcome back Stoned Ape on the team as a 3rd Party Developer. Due to personal issues he was absent, however, made the effort to return and assist in the progression of development.

This month we've also made bigger steps in forming the extraordinary. We established a merger with Lucky13's team who were in the early development of a wild-west server. We've introduced them on the team and will be bringing back our old project - Wild West Roleplay. Together with new features, formation, a roadmap and most notably, we're abolishing the wrong-doings of our past.

The continuation of Medieval Roleplay will proceed. However, what this means is that we've merged as one unified community, excluding competition, increasing work ethic and bringing back nostalgic, immersive and unique servers to your doorstep. Wild West Roleplay will make a comeback somewhere in January to mid-February and will host our community an immersive and fun experience, whilst Medieval Roleplay continues development.

There will be no halt to Medieval Roleplay. Dignity and Stoned Ape will undergo operations on Medieval. Whilst, Lucky13, and Aristovky will ensure that Wild West is running smoothly. Both teams will help each other and assist in the wellbeing of each project.

:curious: MODELS

Notable models of this month relate towards the creation of over 30+ animal species which will be used in our wildlife feature, custom crate contents, boat and a siege tower and several custom new skins. The animal species are still work in progress and will be available for public observation soon.

:master-schemer: MAPS

The Mapping Team had the pleasure of switching up the mapping theme this month. Switching from castle-like environments to interiors. There hasn't been a ton done. We've been mainly focusing on the continuation of the Chilliad Caverns and some other interiors like the Alchemy, Armoury, and Mill.

For a full view of the mapping please redirect to our trello or simply click on the image above.

:secretly-zun-pagan: DEV FEATURES

Carriage Script — Dignity

The Carriage Script is one of our ways of transportation on Medieval Roleplay. It features a custom model variant with vanilla-like textures to fit the esque.
  • The carriage follows the player and tilts dynamically based on whether you're sloped or not, so if u are riding downhill the carriage will be facing downhill as well.
  • Players can enter and spectate the carriage. Any chat held inside is shown only to them in a different color unless they open their windows.
  • There will be more carriage models and variants, including carriage interiors.
Snow Feature (Touch-ups) — Dignity
  • Includes snow-map bug fixes and optimization.
  • Snow falling has been slightly improved to show fewer lines
  • Visible breathing particle at a player's mouth
Job System — StonedApe

Featuring an interactive job system GUI that includes a job title, icon, description and progression bar. It uses randomized button sequences for activation and functionality of the job. It acts as the base foundation system for future jobs that will be integrated and put into action.

:ares-own: STAFF UPDATES

New Staff Members
New additions to our staff team which consists of supporters, helpers or active sub-team members.

cKramer (BarbaNegra)

New Trial Moderators
Pupils who are undergoing a Trial Moderation period.


New Moderators
Pupils who have been added to the Moderation Roster.



Development Team, Contact — Dignity
Mapping Team, Contact — Reyo
Modding Team, Contact — Dignity
Digital Promotion Team, Contact — Ross
Faction Team, Contact — Bone
Lore Team, Contact — theSerpent
Staff Inquiries, Contact — Jujen


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