NEW Community Update — July 2019 Edition

Welcome to the Community Update, July 2019 Edition.

Greetings Flintwhenians!

With July coming to an end, it is time to open August with a monthly community update - to show some of the progress that was made by the staff teams and to bring forth important announcements. This month, a lot of work was put into textures of various items and completely new and unique character skins - warriors, gentry, and knights. In addition, a few new systems were put in place and are now fully functional - inventory and the alias/nametag system.

The inventory system is completely player-friendly and is fully designed to match medieval times, all items displayed have their own textures, stats and so on.

The world to screen system. This allows us to basically render icons on the screen that you can click on. These on-screen icons are directly connected with the game world and allow you to interact with them in a new, intuitive way.

The alias system (nametags) is a show of realism when you meet someone new - you will only know them by the name they provided to you - so don't be a stranger!

Whilst the Environment Team, more in aims at the Mapping aspect have made a few but substantial sets of maps; some that cater to the environment but lots of interior sets for different kinds of public business properties.

As for the Lore Team, this past month the tremendous amount of work was placed in creating a completely new Codex - pieces of information that will be available to all players which are both interesting to read and easy to consume. It is still in the works and we hope to conclude it in this upcoming month.

As for everything talked, a showcase of each section can be seen below.

:curious: MODELS

Constantinople Concepts

& more via discord/concept_art




Westerheim improvements

Angel Pine Pond Concept (wip)

Dignity's Keep

:dynasty-player:LORE PROGRESS

:secretly-zun-pagan:DEV FEATURES

(Prototype) The world to screen system

Enhanced Inventory & optimization

We're also considering to bring new developers, mappers/modders, and loremasters aboard, if you're interested, let us know on discord.