Community Update — December 2018 Edition

Community Update, December 2018 Edition.
Welcome, everyone!

We've surpassed a great year full of memorable activities and events throughout the project and we thank everyone who was curious enough to partake and stick around. For the future ahead in 2019, the project continues its journey, we look forward to the challenges and possibilities we will endeavor.

We appreciate all of you who engage, discuss, socialize and participate in what we're creating here - it truly means a ton even when we don't express it. We're thankful to have a large following of which are likeminded individuals, enthusiasts and or creators. We'd hope to see more of you affiliated with the project and our teams in the future.

The month of December has seen work ethic leaning towards the development and creation of further assets and improvements for the upcoming revival of Wild West Roleplay. These improvements feature new development patch-ups and systems, amongst new maps and a ton of new custom assets like skins, objects, and wildlife. As the wild-west forums are not yet set up, some visual content will be shown in conjunction with this thread.

About the Merger: Unfortunately, the so-called merger with Lucky13, introduced last month has since been disbanded. Reasons for this was the lack of real contribution and responsibility by the new members of the merger. It was in the community's best interest that these pupils were removed for false promises and in-activity.

Part of this month has also seen new features and continuation of systems on Medieval Roleplay. Dignity has been working on patch-ups and features like the Faction Panel, County System and improvements to the foliage script. Which all bring a new intrigue to the server. Whilst we had the Lore and Faction Teams mutually discussing the geographical possibilities and improvements of the server, as well as other relevant matters such as factions and new lore content. More on this will be introduced soon.

:curious: MODELS
Some models will be recycled and used for the greater benefit of each server. Here's a showcase of some of the progress on new ones.

For more on WW-RP's models and progression look into its #concept-art page on discord or trello page, found by clicking here.


:secretly-zun-pagan:DEV FEATURES

Note: New features for Wild-West will not be mentioned in this thread to avoid miscommunication instead it's updates and changes can be seen in the Wild-West #concept-art on discord.

Faction Panel:
  • It will run similarly to how an MDC would on modern servers. Consisting of the prime necessities of an official faction and allowing leaders to access many of its features. Thus being able to elaborately organize, manage and view faction statistics more accurately and appealingly.
  • There will be 12 different tree species, each having 3 variants so they all look a little bit different.
  • The barks/leaves are all shaped differently and the script mixes them appropriately so every tree is it's own, no duplicate trees.
County System:
  • Zone switch popup - for counties & provinces showcasing county statistics.

:ares-own: STAFF UPDATES

New Staff Members
New additions to our staff team which consists of supporters, helpers or active sub-team members.



New Trial Moderators
Pupils who are undergoing a Trial Moderation period.


Development Team, Contact — Dignity
Mapping Team, Contact — Reyo
Modding Team, Contact — Dignity
GFX Team, Contact — Ross
Faction Team, Contact — Dedek
Lore Team, Contact — theSerpent
Staff Inquiries, Contact — Jujen


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019!

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