NEW Community Update — August 2019 Edition

Welcome to the community update, August 2019 Edition

Greetings Flintwhenians!

With summer coming to a slow, but steady end, we're eager to let you know that we've been making steady progress. This month we have reformed our staff structure for a more efficient approach to handling matters seeing we reinstated many of the old staff members the month prior.

With the new team rehaul we hope to instill a new wave of activity amongst the team as well as produce more quality content for you to enjoy.

Weekly Verified Tests

We are now hosting weekly verified tests. We will still do public tests, but only on a large scale. The reason for this is so that it's easier for us to do a small stress test on heavy code and it allows us to catch a large number of bugs in a small time frame. We've been doing this for almost three weeks now and we've found it's the ultimate way to provide a bug free experience considering the systems in place have gone through multiple revisions consisting of bug patches.

If you wish to join us, all you have to do is remain active on Discord and you need to have been around for a while (2+ weeks). If this is in order, you will probably get picked prior to a test or at random by one of our moderators.

Join the fun!

Inventory System Explained

We've given you a sneak peak of the inventory system with our last post, and here's some more developer information as well as some updates.

The new inventory system is well underway and is meant to be a replacement to the old WW-RP system that Dignity created in 2016. That's almost four years ago! For those who played Wild West, the constant re-rendering of the tiles, the delay of items catching up and so on weren't very seamless and smooth and that's not the standard we want to uphold in Medieval Roleplay.

As such, we've approached it in a completely new way with dynamically allocated memory with constant database communication and relations. To put this into perspective this basically means that the server only allocates the required items for each player without wasting a single drop. This also means that inventories are dynamically refreshed and no longer need delays or visible tile rerenders to function.

This eliminates a lot of issues we faced in WW-RP such as dupes or items going haywire. All of this linked with a fresh design to fit the server aesthetic:

New server assets

With the start of this month we've seen the return of our asset creator Jan1ssary. He's been working hard together with Dignity and Reyo to deliver new server assets. We've already got an abudance of skins (over 125!) however it's important to us that we cover every single aspect that there is to cover as well as lessen native object count by using premodeled assets. Here's a sneak peak of them

Biome Script

The biome script is planned to be spread across the island. This means that there'll be different weather, different trees, plants, ore, ... Since every item has to be created and can't naturally be bought from NPCs it means you'll have to venture into different biomes or sail to different lands in order to gather the resources required.

Sneak peak of tree generation:

Mapping improvements

After a brief hiatus the environment team is actively looking for new members. With this announcement they've also brought some noticable additions and improvements of existing maps. It is safe to say that the exterior of the island of Flintwhenia is very rich with content now (villages, ruins, ...) however the mapping team will continue working on projects in attempt to amaze all of you.

Here's some visuals on their latest work:



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