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(!) Check this thread occassionally for any updates to rules, new additions and or changes.


Common Courtesy is the core of the community. It is important to be kind and show respect for one another, staff and community members. After all, we are here to enjoy a good experience without the need for hostility, toxicity or any other negative offenses. Apply logical sense in the activities you partake and promote appropriate behavior and attitude throughout.

Foremost, this is an English-speaking community and the only language to be spoken in-game is English. Other functions such as private messages are excluded from this. Secondly, you are allowed to possess only one Master Account when registering on the server. If you find any implications, you can always require help on the forums and you will be accommodated.

  • You are to roleplay at all times unless given an OOC tag by an authorized supervision such as a staff member. You are not allowed to break the server rules because you think someone else did. In regards to that, you should not disrupt, stall or void roleplay unless a moderator tells you to. If you spot any rule-breakers, it is your responsibility to report them on the forums using the right format. Additionally, you are not allowed to roleplay any celebrity characters, you can choose to portray the ones you like but it is not recommended to name your character in the same way.

  • The use of racist slurs within your in-game actions such as /me, /game or /do is not allowed and will be taken as a relation towards trolling or being idiotic. Depending on severity, actions will be taken appropriately. You are allowed to roleplay a racist character but so long as the racism strictly remains IC and follows the guidelines.

  • Advertisement of other SA-MP communities whilst playing on our server or browsing the forums is prohibited, we stand strong against such behavior.


  • Flooding is strictly forbidden, avoid any excessive use of 'Caps Lock'- be sensible what you write.
  • Selling of in-game goods for real life currency is forbidden. People involved in such activities will be punished depending on their severity.
  • Players cannot claim to be OOC (Out of Character) unless they have been /madeooc by an administrator, their 'ooc' tag will show up on top of their name. With this being said, everyone is In-Character unless changes are amended by an administrator.
PUNISHMENT: The punishments for breaking this rule are ranging from a kick or admin jail to a temporary ban.


This is common sense, any malicious/Third Party Programs/CLEO Mods or other modifications which give you an unfair advantage over other players is highly punishable and against our standards. Punishments will be handed out accordingly based on the severity and nature of modifications used.

If you are unsure whether or not the modification you are using is harmful/unfair to the standards on the server, you are always free to contact a staff member either on the forums or in-game. Hiding the fact that you are using something malicious or trying to manipulate our staff in any way won't be accepted and you will be punished straight ahead.

PUNISHMENT: The punishments for breaking this rule are temporary or permanent ban.

A/B/C (3)

The form of performing unrealistic or un-human actions or forcing roleplay upon someone without giving them the chance to respond. Furthermore, predicting things from the future or mentioning real-life events can be considered in this rule as well since not many things were known in this timeline.

:chaste: EXAMPLES
- Making things up to force roleplay or roleplaying things which are not possible script-wise.
- Any inhuman actions and over capabilities such as lifting up a horse with a single hand.
- Roleplaying that an item is not on you ICly when it is already on you script-wise. (e.g. during frisks)
- Player A tries to knock out B without giving them a chance to reply.

Using Out Of Character Information to assist In Character actions and events. This includes emoting information that other people have no reason to currently know.

:chaste: EXAMPLES
- Knowing information OOCly which your character does not know ICly.
- Reading specific data about a certain person or faction on the forums and using this to your advantage to make remarks upon that person or scene.
- Robert reads Troy's OOC nametag and calls him by his name, roleplaying knowing him.
- Robert messages Troy that he's being robbed and needs assistance in X location.
- Thinking about or mentioning people from past scenes that you were PKed from which you should not have any IC memory of.

Deathmatching is when a player and/or group attacks or kills another player and/or party with no roleplay involved or for no sufficient roleplay reason.

Revenge Killing is when a player who has previously been excluded from an attack by death or permanent injury, intentionally returns to a scene to avenge himself for the actions performed to him. Once you are killed, your characters' memories that led up to the death are faded away and you should roleplay not remembering your killer or the precise events. You are to roleplay forgetting 30 minutes of the scene leading up to your death.

:chaste: EXAMPLES
- Unnecessary provoking: provoking a person or group just for the fun of it.
- Killing on sight: battling everyone you see on sight without a legitimate reason.
- Returning to a scene after you've just been terminated from it by death.
- Remembering the faces, names or locations of the people who executed you - without being told about it from someone who was there or knows about what happened.

PUNISHMENT: The punishments for breaking this rule are ranging from a kick or admin jail to a temporary ban.

:re_romuva: BUG EXPLOITING
A/B (4)

Considering that the SA-MP client is not perfect and there are of course flaws surrounding this. It is forbidden that you abuse any of these flaws to avoid situations and result in avoiding roleplay. This involves the abuse of SA-MP client sided features that can create disruptions and server sided abusing of features.

• Bunnyhopping — jumping repeatedly to move around quicker.
• Olympic swimming — continuously swimming without roleplaying that you are exhausted.
• Chicken-running — running around in a zig-zag motion to avoid being hit by bullets.
• Game Commands - using in-game commands such as /q to avoid roleplay scenes.

• Abusing any server-sided flaws/bugs for your own benefit, cooperating with someone who's bug abusing or witnessing someone bug abusing and not doing anything about it is forbidden and highly punishable.

PUNISHMENT: The punishments for breaking this rule are ranging from a admin jail to a temporary ban.

A/B (5)

(A) Repetitive rulebreaking is dealt with instantly and severely. Moderators will try their best to inform you of their decisions and will try to make you understand, although not always necessary. If you are punished for breaking the same rule three times within two months, you may risk getting your server access temporarily terminated for an extended period.

In most cases, a simple ban appeal will solve this and unban you, however, depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken, the way the appeal was published and your general appearance and behavior in the community this may not be the case. We take pride in helping people become solid roleplayers so we are generally lenient on rulebreaking but when it occurs repetitively we will deal with it harshly to avoid it from happening in the future.

(B) Ban evasions both in-game and/or on the forums is not allowed and will result in the ban evading account being terminated permanently. This may also change your original ban's unban date and/or verdict. We don't ban people permanently - ban evading is never necessary however if you do ban evade your time may get extended.

PUNISHMENT: Repetitive rulebreaking will either result in a extended admin jail, or a temporary ban. Ban evading accounts are permanently banned until the original account is unbanned.

These rules cover the basic rules which apply when you contact a staff member ingame. It is adviced to follow these as we have been getting an influx of invalid reports which should be handled on the forums.

To summarize: anything that can not immediately be retraced in-game.

PLAYER COMPLAINTS: Does it require checking of logs? Has the scene passed? Is the scene which requires admin assistance not currently ongoing? (this also means if it is halted) If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should post a forum complaint.
REFUNDS: Did you lose something due to a bug? Post a bug report. Did your refund request get accepted? Only then should you do /report when a General Moderator or higher is online and visible on /staff.
BUG REPORTS: Post it on the forums. If it's too critical (can be abused heavily), PM it to Dignity or in-game We don't need to see how you do it in-game, chances are it can't even be properly recreated at that time. Post a proper thread with info so we can deal with it better.
SUGGESTIONS: Post it in the suggestion section with the correct format. Sorry, but we don't accept suggestions over /re, simply because it's hard enough as it is to keep track of them.

Do you have a question? Use /ask. Are you in need of technical support or assistance? Use /report.
This one is simple, but to give some examples:
- You do not use /ask to report a player. You do not use /ask to ask for a skin change. You do not use /ask to request something (refund, etc).
- You do not use /report to ask where to get a job. You do not use /report for questions.

Is not allowed and will be punished from now on. If an admin requires you to be in a conversation with them, they will use /ac (admin conversation). If not, chances are they don't have to talk to you or they forgot. If they forgot, use /pm. If their /pms are blocked, only then should you make ONE simple /report asking for an audience. If the answer is no, it stays no.

You should remain respectful. You should not threaten with staff complaints simply because you think he is in the wrong (you can post a staff complaint, but threatening gets you nowhere) and you should try to help both the admin understand as well as the player. You do not ask an admin in an attempt to get someone else punished, only to resolve situations. You should not doubt a moderator's decision and if you do, you can ask a management team member to get involved with the scene. If none is available, you can private message a moderator complaint to Charley.

PUNISHMENT: Immediate kick, admin jail of 30 to 60 minutes


Common and influential places within the server have a boundary of protection. In essence, places with a high presence such as garrisons or religious establishments are to be affected by this.

This means that you are to be less likely to commit crimes in places where there is a high presence. Petty crimes are allowed when there is low presence but their impact should be executed as miniature as possible.

  • In an attempt of a raid where you engage in heavy crimes and infiltration, you need to request permission from our moderators to supervise and monitor the situation for a greater outcome.

:chaste: EXAMPLES
  • Barging inside of a religious establishment/garrison to cause havoc when there is a heavy presence of people inside.

PUNISHMENT: Admin warn or jail of 30 minutes, temp ban of 3 to 7 days.


Disgusting Roleplay; explicit mature roleplay that involves sexual misconduct and other gruesome acts are forbidden unless both parties involved agree to consent. The pupils involved in this roleplay must decide on the latency of the roleplay and whether or not they'd like it to be descriptive. It is encouraged that it is done away from public areas.

  • We encourage people to roleplay sexual pleasures or misconduct in a non-descriptive method, with simplistic beginner lines and the use of a prolonged variation of server-sided /anims.

:cancer: EXAMPLE
You would engage in sexual roleplay by writing a simple sentence such as /me engages in sexual acts.
And so afterward you would perform the continuation of your roleplay using server-sided /animations.

:chaste: INCLUDES

  • Rape
  • :cannibal: Cannibalism
  • Pedophilia
  • Bestiality
  • Necrophilia
  • Dismemberment

PUNISHMENT: The punishments for breaking this rule are ranging from a kick to a admin jail.

:re_romuva: ROBBING & SCAMMING

You are not allowed to kill the player you robbed during or after robbing/scamming them unless they bring it upon themselves. If you have been robbed or scammed, you are allowed to rob back the things you have lost. You may not knowingly rob the same people more than once in a 2-hour period.

Also please note If you have an item in your inventory, your character has it, you CANNOT use the excuse that it's somewhere else even if screenshots of such roleplay is given.

Players participating in a robbery or scam must be level 4 and above. Players that are lower than level 4 cannot be the sole target of a robbery or scam. If a moderator feels that a player lower than level 4 is taking unfair advantage of their exemption, they can punish at their own discretion.

:chaste: INCLUDES

The initiator and the victim need to be above Level 4.
You can rob a maximum value of [#value]
You can scam a maximum value of [#value]

PUNISHMENT: The punishments for breaking this rule are ranging from a kick to a admin jail.


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Updated with a new format, layout, and design. Rules have been re-worked, although will undergo additional tweaks!

:charitable: What's to be tweaked/worked on?
  • Robbing & Scamming
  • Protective Influence

:clubfooted: Update 26/07/2018
- We are consulting some of these rules as a group and will conclude on the final outcome soon.
- Applied more information for robbing & scamming and simplified it down so its better for reading
- Simplified protective influence and cleaned up some repetitive sentences

:chaste: To-do notes 17/08/2018
- Assign values to both robbing and scamming limits
- Further elaborate then assign examples and criterias for low and high presence for protective influence
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