community update

  1. Reyo

    Community Update — November 2018 Edition

    Welcome to the Community Update, November 2018 Edition. We are pleased with the engagement and enthusiasm from newcomers throughout the discord. We greet and welcome you and hope that you can get involved in the project. In this month, we've been solely focusing on our structure and...
  2. Reyo

    Community Update — October 2018 Edition

    Welcome to the Community Update — October 2018 Edition Over the month, our numbers have risen on discord with many joining to say how pleased they are that a project like such is in the works. To them and you, we welcome you. We are creating something extraordinary and we're happy to have you...
  3. Reyo

    Community Update — September 2018 Edition

    :administrator:COMMUNITY UPDATE [SEPTEMBER EDITION] Hey everyone, I hope that you are having a good time, and a lovely week. I wish to welcome you to the newest addition to our community: Community Updates! These updates are going to be posted monthly or weekly depending on the circumstances...