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  1. Reyo

    hello frend

    hello frend
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    The Novice Introduction

    Reserved. You may submit other concerns and questions in this thread so that the list grows and expands with more information in the future.
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    The Novice Introduction

    Frequently Asked Questions [/U][/B] Q: What about horses and carriages? We have a unique system relating to horses and carriages. They act as our primary transportation method and are an extraordinary element to our gameplay. Horses also have animations to make the environment more...
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    The Novice Introduction

    The Novice Introduction This thread serves the purpose of inducing you into our environment roleplay-wise as well as primarily introducing you to the server's core features and it's frequently asked questions. Recommended Guidelines Medieval Words & Phrases Character Concept Ideas The...
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    davy's corner

    I like.
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    a new status

    a new status
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    young gravy
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    Community Update — November 2018 Edition

    Welcome to the Community Update, November 2018 Edition. We are pleased with the engagement and enthusiasm from newcomers throughout the discord. We greet and welcome you and hope that you can get involved in the project. In this month, we've been solely focusing on our structure and...
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    Hello, I'm new here

    This is Medieval Roleplay. We break limitations here, welcome to the extraordinary. We're running on the newest SA-MP version of 0.3.DL which allows us to enhance and expand on our creativity and capabilities as a whole. There has been tremendous work to create a lively and immersive experience...
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    TEAM M-RP Staff Roster

    :icon-diplomacy: Updated 28/11/2018 Additions Lucky13 - Wild West Roleplay Dev Arch - Mapping Team cKramer - Mapping Team Mussy - Modding Team
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    Nice. It's okay though I myself wasn't even into medievial either. But I'm still here, the intrigue is rising and I've learnt a few things. Thule's Vikings faction should be good.
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    What are you going to roleplay Davy?
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    Welcome Davy!
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    The Safezones Discussion

    Interesting guys. My apologies that I had not replied to this thread sooner to confirm on a few things. However, by the look and sound of it, you guys more or so agree with what has been written already but with certain alterations in place to make it better. Let's try and add more onto it and...
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    Marshal Elbert Rosenwise

    Interesting, the design could be laid out better imo.
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    TEAM M-RP Staff Roster

    :icon-diplomacy: Updated 13/11/2018 The design has received an overall makeover and clean up. Added CapoN to the Trial Moderator tier, welcome.
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    The Safezones Discussion

    Yeah standards are required and is something we should look into. I'm not entirely sure how we can allow players to determine what is greater for the situation at all times. People are prone to error if the system in place is not able to accustom the needs of the situation.
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    The Safezones Discussion

    Protective Influence (The Safezones Discussion) Yet another discussion I'd like for us to engage in, please do share your thoughts on this matter. Here's what's written on this by far, however it's subject to change of course. Nothing is concrete about this topic yet - but hopefully, we can...