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  1. Athens

    [SCRIPT] Alchemy and Drug Creation

    "Drug and Alchemy System" by [Athens] SCRIPT Summary: Drugs are a thing server need. In order to cook drugs and medicine you must require to mix the correct herbs. The way it works there is 3 items to use when cooking herbs: Retort, mortar and pestle and crucible. There could be over 25-50...
  2. Athens

    [SCRIPT] Location playerbase

    "Location playerbase" by [Athens] SCRIPT Summary: A script that allows new players to know where most of the playerbase is and head there to roleplay with them. Features: /playerbase - Royal Capital (2 Players) - Romsdal (1 Player) * Lannercost (1 Player) - Westerheim (0 Players) *...
  3. Athens

    House Dunkel

    The sun finally sets on the once great kingdom of Flintwhenia. The great bells of the capital rings to mourn the heir-less king's death. The sound of courtier's footsteps could be heard from the castle's gates as they are rushing to find a solution before the kingdom plunges into a civil war...