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    The Safezones Discussion

    No safezones at all!
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    TEAM M-RP Staff Roster

    In the span of this month Removals Jakey, retirement Davy Darkie Reinstatement Bone as Head of Legal Factions Additions Ruskie as Supporter, Head of Illegal Factions Maxim as Head of Lore Team
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    Medieval or Frontier?

    Indefinitely both projects will have their equal share of quality, dedication, uniqueness, and sweat put into.
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    hello there!
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    It's been fixed. :)

    It's been fixed. :)
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    Medieval or Frontier?

    A corrupt duke or a corrupt sheriff hmmmmm o_O
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    maximus prime
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    hello jebjen
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    Useful The Novice Introduction

    Added a few more suggestive content in the recommended section of the thread. Any improvements or suggestions you guys can let me know.
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    mushi ze fuhrer

    big gae sushi
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    Realm of Westerheim

    It's a decent concept but definitely needs some work. Some sentences don't make sense and you slipped in on some errors here and there. I suggest you revise this and produce something better.
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    January born come here

    i guess im not a cool kid :(
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    Story Time (GAME)

    a medieval server came
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    NEW Community Update — December 2018 Edition

    in ww #concept-art
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    NEW Community Update — December 2018 Edition

    Community Update, December 2018 Edition. Welcome, everyone! We've surpassed a great year full of memorable activities and events throughout the project and we thank everyone who was curious enough to partake and stick around. For the future ahead in 2019, the project continues its journey, we...
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    Bernard Grosseteste

    Good luck with this Petros!
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    Ronald Godfrey

    Good looking @TheGod romsdal gang
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    [GAME] Guess the Age

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    Roleplay before features

    Someone has been digging in the lore archive... Interesting touch to things. Not to worry though. The Ubbin Lytton NPC character was (I say was because it was an beta idea) a feature supposed to be included in the duration throughout the tutorial (training camp) in which he speaks and tutors the...